Halo-M Nubians

Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats
Newport, Washington

Current 2016 CAE test results



February 22, 2012 Full Herd CAE test-all Negative






           In the interest of transparency-How we "prevent" CAE

All does are tested for CAE yearly-prior to kidding. 2016-We are feeding raw milk this year after another round of negative test results. Please ask to see our current results. All kids over 6 months will be sold with a current copy of their CAE test results.

Kids are kept on a cocci prevention schedule until sold or they reach breeding weight.

Adult goats receive annual copper bolusing, and BO-SE as needed.  Parasites are kept in check with regular worming schedule and the help of fecal testing.  We feed a 16% dairy ration along with alfalfa hay and pasture.

We use BioTracking, LLC for our CAE testing


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